This website celebrates the imaginative use of recycling in art, history and products

In our own WASTELAND, the magazine of creative recycling, editor Gar Smith writes about the California bottlebill

Famous chef and cookbook author Marion Cunningham explains how to use stale bread to make her favorite bread pudding in this recipe.

International artist and book maker Angela Lorenz writes about the history of recycling.

Learn how to crochet a shopping bag from blue plastic newspaper bags.

James Harithas explains the art car phenomenon which we display in our flash site. Susan Subtle has curated two ground-breaking sites on unusual art made from recycled materials. The first show, which travelled the country, was "Hello Again." It opened at the Oakland Museum in 1998. The second show, "Return Emgagement, Engagement,' an exhibition of recycled art made out of food containers and packaging and kitchen appliances opened at the Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts , in September 2002.

The goal is to interest those not already converted to recycling as well as entertain and educate further the experienced recycler. Because of its emphasis on art and the unusual, we expect the site to have a wider appeal and to attract more than just the usual folks interested in recycling. Where else will you see a slide show of real houses made of beer cans, newspaper, or hub caps?

Marilyn von Robot, our animated hostess , attracts and demands attention! Marilyn is irresistible. She also leads our visitors through our extensive store of recycled art for sale.

Edwin Datschefski contributes an article in Wasteland, Designing Products as if the Earth Really Mattered

Sally Cruikshank, who designed the site and coded all the games, adds extra elements of flash fun for all ages.

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